Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Culture Unstained is a research, engagement and campaigning organisation, which aims to end fossil fuel sponsorship of culture. We call on arts and cultural organisations to cut their ties to fossil fuels and, in doing so, aim to undermine the social legitimacy that the industry gains from these relationships.


We exist in order to:

– Bring ethical scrutiny to bear on the fossil fuel industry’s sponsorship deals with major cultural institutions by undertaking research, outreach, network development, advocacy, media and communications work.

Expose and challenge the fossil fuel industry’s destructive impacts on communities and ecosystems around the world, and create spaces for community voices to be heard.

– Highlight fossil fuel companies’ contributions to climate change, involvement in human rights violations and close ties to repressive regimes

– Be a legitimate and authoritative voice, recognised and respected by culture professionals, the media and the environmental movement, enabling us to challenge decision-makers and provoke informed debate

How we work

– We enhance and support grassroots campaigns involved in ending oil sponsorship and challenging the fossil fuel industry

– We proactively seek out opportunities to work in solidarity with frontline and impacted communities, culture sector workers and others who are committed to decarbonising and decolonising cultural spaces, and promoting ethical, sustainable funding for the arts. We recognise that climate change, human rights abuses, resource exploitation and colonialism past and present are interconnected and must be challenged together.

– We are a not-for-profit workers’ co-operative.

We are part of the Art Not Oil coalition nationally and the international Fossil Free Culture movement.