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Interview with Chris Garrard about Equinor and oil sponsorship (Norwegian)

  • Aftenposten, Erlend Skarsaune – 7th February 2019

Navneskiftet handler bare om tynn PR. Equinor er fortsatt er et oljeselskap

From War to Warming: the Shameful History of BP in Iraq

  • Sky News – 16th February 2019

Chris from Culture Unstained explains on Sky News why BP sponsorship of the British Museum needs to end

  • Desmog UK, Sophie Yeo – 20th February 2019

BP’s Basra Operations Praised by British Ambassador Prior to Fatal Civil Unrest

BP’s new global advertising campaign get a makeover

  • Desmog, Chloe Farand – 29th January 2019

BP’s First Global Advertising Campaign Since Deepwater Horizon Accused of Being ‘Deceptive and Hypocritical’

  • Red, Green and Blue – 1st February 2019

BP’s new ad campaign is lipstick on a pig (has anyone forgotten the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?)

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Science Museum Backs Big Oil’s Influence Over STEM Education

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 4th October 2018

Science Museum Actively Pursuing Fossil Fuel Sponsors Despite Climate Criticisms, Emails Reveal

The New York Times Reports on the Fossil Free Culture Movement

  • The New York Times, Kathleen Massara – 9th October 2018

The National Gallery is no longer funded by Shell

  • The Guardian, Adam Vaughan – 19th October 2018

Shell ends National Gallery sponsorship – to delight of campaigners

  • Hyperallergic, – 22nd October 2018

After Years of Protests, Shell Ends Corporate Partnership with National Gallery

  • a-n, Chris Sharratt – 22nd October 2018

Shell ends 12-year funding relationship with National Gallery

  • Arts Professional, Christy Romer – 25th October 2018

National Gallery ends corporate partnership with Shell

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Manchester Science Festival Partners Withdraw Over Shell Sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Helen Pidd – 2nd September 2018

Manchester science festival partners withdraw over Shell sponsorship

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 3rd September 2018

Museum Prioritises Shell Sponsorship as Partners Quit in Protest

  • Morning Star, Lamiat Sabin – 3rd September 2018

Manchester Science Festival called on to end its Shell sponsorship

  • Museums Association, Geraldine Kendall Adams- 5th September 2018

Partners drop out of Science and Industry Museum festival in protest of Shell deal

Further Fallout Over Shell Sponsorship of MCR Science Festival

  • Nonprofit Quarterly, Ruth McCambridge – 6th September 2018

Rejecting the High-Dollar, Long-Term Donor? Who Does That?

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 19th September 2018

Emails Reveal Museum’s Strategy to Counter Critics of Big Oil Sponsorship

From Nope to Hope Protest Exhibition

  • Artnet, Javier Pes – 17th September 2018

The Artists Who Yanked Their Work From London’s Design Museum Over Arms Funding Are Staging a Show to Protest Tainted Arts Sponsorship

  • Deutschlandfunk Kultur (German national radio arts programme) – 24th September 2018

Dirty Cash: Eine Gegen Ausstellung

  • Dazed, Anna Cafolla – 28th September 2018

The Guerrilla Girls want to help museums respond to #MeToo

  • Novara Media – 17th October 2018

#NopeToArms (video)

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Formal Complaint to the Science Museum Group on Oil Sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Adam Vaughan – 5th July 2018

Science Museum under pressure to shun big oil sponsorship

  • a-n, Jack Hutchinson – 5th July 2018

Leading climate scientists submit formal complaint to Science Museum over oil sponsorship

  • EnviroNews Nigeria – 8th July 2018

Science Museum under scrutiny over ties to big oil

  • Council of Australian Museum Directors, repost of Guardian piece – 12th July 2018

Science Museum oil sponsorship

  • Leisure Management, Tom Anstey – 13th July 2018

Scientists urge London’s Science Museum to end fossil fuel partnerships

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UK Government’s Close ‘Strategic Relationship’ with BP Revealed

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 20th May 2018

Emails Reveal Closeness of UK’s ‘Strategic Relationship’ with Oil Giant BP

  • The Canary, Sam Woolfe – 21st May 2018

The cosy emails that expose our government’s dangerously close relationship with oil giant BP

How Shell Greenwashed its Image

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 11th April 2018

How Shell Greenwashed its Image as Internal Documents Warned of Fossil Fuels’ Contribution to Climate Change

No Room for Neutrals

  • Culture Unstained, Chris Garrard – 23rd April 2018

No room for neutrals

Research by AP on art institutions’ ethical fundraising policies

  • Arts Professional, Christy Romer – 27th April 2018

Arts sector fears being too poor to refuse ‘unethical’ donations

New database tracks how Big Oil targets small communities

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 14th March 2018

New database tracks how Big Oil targets small communities

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Crude Connections: Mapping BP’s influence from the British Museum to Russia

  • Desmog UK, Chloe Farand – 14th January 2018

Trade Department Promotes BP’s Fossil Fuel Interests in Russia as UK Touts Climate Credentials, Docs Reveal

  • Envisionation, Editor – 14th January 2018

BP is now actively working with UK government to sidestep sanctions to frack in Russia

  • EcoWatch, Andy Rowell, Oil Change International – 15th January 2018

BP Accused of ‘Side-Stepping’ Russian Sanctions

  • Russia Business Today – 16th January 2018

BP Accused of Circumventing Russian Sanctions

  • Hyperallergic, – 19th January 2018

New Dossier Shows British Museum Had a Role in Dealings Between BP and Russia

  • Artforum – 22nd January 2018

Activists Reveal E-mails Between British Museum and Russia

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Hull University and BP Worked Together to Deal with ‘Awkward Questions’

  • Desmog UK, Kyla Mandel – 13th December 2017

Emails Reveal How a University and BP Worked Together to Deal with Activists and ‘Awkward Questions’

Winner of BP Young Artist Award Donates Share of Prize to Anti-BP Protests!

  • The Guardian, Hannah Ellis-Petersen – 8th September 2017

Artist Donates Part of BP Prize Money to Greenpeace in Oil Sponsorship Protest

  • The Guardian, Jonathan Jones – 8th September 2017

Is It Time For Arts to Start Saying No To Oil Money?

  • Hyperallergic, Claire Voon – 8th September 2017

Winner of a BP Portrait Award Donates Share of Prize Money to Anti-BP Protests

  • The Guardian, Dr Chris Garrard – 11th September 2017

Arts and Oils Firms Should Not Mix

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RSC Launches New Season & Artistic Director Questioned on Sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Mark Brown – 12th September 2017

RSC Chooses Female Directors for All Plays in Summer 2018 Season

  • The Independent, Adam Sherwin – 12th September, 2017

Romeo and Juliet is ‘anti-Brexit love story’ in new RSC production

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RSC Sponsorship Policy Made Public For The First Time

  • Culture Unstained, Jess Worth- 31st August 2017

Revealed: The RSC’S New Sponsorship Rules

  • The Stage, Georgia Snow- 1st September 2017

RSC Publishes Sponsorship Policy In Response To BP Funding Controversy

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Formal complaint made to the National Portrait Gallery over BP sponsorship

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 19th June 2017

BP’s ‘Close Association’ with Countries Accused of Human Rights Abuses Puts Gallery Sponsorship at Risk

  • Artnet news, Naomie Rea – 20th June 2017

Formal Complaint Calls for End to BP Sponsorship of National Portrait Gallery

  • Artlyst, editors – 20th June 2017

BP Portrait Award Cannot Escape Tainted Sponsorship Allegations

  • The Guardian, Maev Kennedy – 20th June 2017

Painting of nursing mother wins BP Portrait Award 2017

  • Artlyst, editors – 20th June 2017

Benjamin Sullivan Painting of His Wife Breastfeeding Wins BP Portrait Prize

  • Hyperallergic, Claire Voon – 20th June 2017

BP Sponsorship Violates UK National Portrait Gallery’s Ethics Policy, Report Claims

  • Arts Professional, Christy Romer – 22nd June 2017

National Portrait Gallery receives formal complaint about BP ties

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Fossil Free £5 Tickets scheme launches

  • The Stage, Georgia Snow – 30th May 2017

Andrew Garfield back “ethical” alternative to RSC’s £5 tickets sponsored by BP

  • Stratford Observer, Maisie Jeynes – 31st May 2017

Celebs back ethical RSC tickets in stand against BP

  • The Stage, Lyn Garder – 5th June 2017

Should the arts accept oil money?

  • Exuent Magazine, Jess Worth – 20th June 2017

The Myth of Acceptable Oil Sponsorship

Shell’s relationship with The National Gallery, London

  • DeSmog UK, Mat Hope – 23rd May 2017

Exposed: Shell’s Cosy Relationship with The National Gallery

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Andrew Dickson investigates the ethics of corporate sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Andrew Dickson – 4th December 2016

What’s so bad about taking sponsorship money from Big Oil?

  • BBC Radio 4, Presented by Andrew Dickson – 22nd December 2016

In Business: Corporations and the Arts

Interviews with Jess Worth, Culture Unstained, and Peter Mather, Regional Vice President for BP

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Mark Rylance speaks out on BP sponsorship of RSC

Mark Rylance

  • BBC, Luke Jones – 23rd October 2016

Mark Rylance ‘snubs’ RSC in BP sponsorship row

  • The Times, Kaya Burgess – 24th October 2016

Rylance boycotts RSC in oil sponsorship row

  • Heat Street, Heat Street Staff – 24th October 2016

‘BFG’ Star Mark Rylance Boycotts RSC Over BP Sponsorship

Responding to support for BP sponsorship of the RSC

  • The Stage, Jess Worth10th October 2016 

Why Lloyd Dorfman is wrong about BP sponsorship

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The Science Museum’s ‘Wonderlab’ gallery, sponsored by Statoil

  • The Guardian – 10th October 2016

Letter: Science Museum should drop Statoil sponsorship of children’s gallery

  • The Guardian, Nicola Slawson – 10th October 2016 

Science Museum condemned for oil company sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Chris Garrard – 17th October 2016

With Oil Sponsorship and Entry Charges, the Science Museum has lost its way

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Publication of report: ‘Did the British Museum break its own rules in renewing BP deal?’

  • The Independent, Charlotte England – 1st October 2016 

British Museum broke own rules over BP sponsorship, campaigners say

  •  DeSmog UK, Kyla Mandel – 1st October 2016 

Did the British Museum Fail to Consider the Ethics of Renewing BP Sponsorship Deal?

  • The Sunday Times, Richard Brooks – 2nd October 2016

Biteback, Arts Editor Column

  • Huffington Post Blog, Chris Garrard3rd October 2016 

We expect dodgy deals from BP, not the British Museum

  • Arts Professional, Liz Hill – 5th October 2016

British Museum breached ethics code, claim protesters

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Letter published in The Times criticising new BP sponsorship deal

  • The Times, Letter – 2nd August 2016

200 Sign Letter Demanding End to BP Sponsorship

  • The Times, Ben Webster – 2nd August 2016

Actors accuse BP of exploiting the arts

  • The Guardian, Nadio Khomani – 2nd August 2016

Mark Rylance heads list of artists calling for end to BP cultural sponsorship

  •  RT, Editors – 2nd August 2016

Celebrities accuse BP of exploiting the arts

  • City AM, Mark Sands – 2nd August 2016

Oscar-winning actor Mark Rylance heads a list of 200 names protesting BP’s renewed sponsorship of London’s arts scene

  • Hyperallergic, Claire Voon – 2nd August 2016

Arts Professionals Condemn BP’s Renewed Cultural Sponsorships in the UK

  • The Stage, Georgia Snow – 3rd August 2016

Mark Rylance among cultural figures to condemn arts sponsorship by ‘destructive’ BP

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Announcement of a new BP sponsorship deal is met with controversy

Artisits and faith groups protest BP sponsorship of the Arts in the British Musuem.

  • Financial Times, James Pickford – 28th July 2016

BP renews arts sponsorship despite protests

  • The Guardian, Mark Brown – 28th July 2016

BP sparks campaigners’ fury with new arts sponsorship deals

  • Reuters, Karolin Schaps –  28th July 2016

BP sticks with major arts sponsorship despite profits slump

  • Classical Music Magazine, Katy Wright – 28th July 2016

ROH renews partnership with BP 

  • a-n, Jack Hutchinson –  28th July 2016

Calls for more protests as BP announces new arts sponsorship deals

  • City AM, Lynsey Barber – 28th July 2016

BP renews controversial sponsorship of top London museums and galleries

  • The Stage, Georgia Snow – 28th July 2016

Royal Opera House and Royal Shakespeare Company renew BP deals amid criticism

  • The Art Newspaper, Dan Duray – 28th July 2016

BP extends culture sponsorship at four UK institutions

  • Energydesk, Georgie Johnson – 28th July 2016

Oil & art: BP announces new £7.5m deal with top UK arts institutions

  • Blue & Green Tomorrow, Blue & Green Tomorrow editors – 28th July 2016

Campaigners Criticise Decision To Renew BP Sponsorship Of Iconic Cultural Institutions

  • Artnet, Naomi Rea – 29th July 2016

Four Major London Institutions Renew BP Sponsorship as Activists Vow to Escalate Protests

  • Artforum, Editors – 29th July 2016

Four UK Institutions Renew BP Sponsorships as Activists Promise to Escalate Protests

  • Huffington Post Blog, Elena Polisano – 29th July 2016

British Museum’s Decision to Renew BP Sponsorship Is Backward-Looking

  • The Times, David Sanderson – 29th July 2016

BP gives £7.5m to arts despite green protests

  • Huffington Post Blog, Chris Garrard – 2nd August 2016

We can’t afford five more years of BP-sponsored culture

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BP’s sponsorship of the Royal Opera House and classical music

  • Classical music magazine, Chris Garrard – 14th July 2016

OMG! Why is BP advertising its sponsorship at the Proms?

  • Private Eye

Article on Royal Opera House BP Sponsorship – Print only

  • Classical Music Magazine, Chris Garrard – 8th September 2016

We can’t afford to have BP-branded classical music in the 2020s

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Publication of report: ‘BP’s Cultural Sponsorship: A Corrupting Influence’

  • The Guardian, Terry Macalister – 29th April 2016

Museums face ethics investigation over influence of sponsor BP

  • Hyperallergic, Claire Voon – 29th April 2016

Documents Hint at BP’s Undue Influence on UK Museums It Sponsors

  • BBC World Service, World Business Report – Interview with Chris Garrard

BP Accused of Trying to Influence Museums it Sponsors

  • Desmog UK, Kyla Mandel – 3rd May 2016

BP Gained Privileged Access to Policymakers Through Controversial Arts Sponsorships, Documents Reveal

  • Oil Change International, Andy Rowell – 3rd May 2016

How “Bullying” BP is Corrupting Iconic Arts Institutions

  • a-n, Jack Hutchinson – 4th May 2016

Galleries to be investigated over influence of BP sponsorship

  • Hyperallergic, Claire Voon – 4th May 2016

Internal Documents Show How BP Oiled the Wheels at UK Museums

  • EnergyDesk, Georgie Johnson – 4th May 2016

How BP used public arts in the UK to further oil plans in Mexico and Australia

  • Dazed, Anna Cafolla – 5th May 2016

Is the oil industry killing British art institutions?

  • Arts Professional, Christy Romer – 6th May 2016

BP exploits cultural sponsorship for influence, report claims

  • Attractions Management, Tom Anstey – 9th May 2016

New report questions influence of BP over major UK institutions

  • Morning Star, Posted by Conrad Landin – 3rd May 2016

Bullying’ BP tried to gather info on unions opposing oil sponsors

  • Artnet, Sarah Cascone – 12th May 2016

Will British Museums Reveal Extent of Secret BP Funding?

  • The Guardian, Chris Garrard – 20th May 2016

The Science Museum is free – so what is BP buying?

  • Arts Professional, Chris Garrard, 7th July 2016

Exposing ethical questions

  • New Internationalist, Chris Garrard – 31st October 2016

Did the British Museum sell ‘Day of the Dead’ to BP?

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Edinburgh International Festival ends its BP sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Mark Brown – 6th April 2016

BP ends sponsorship of Edinburgh international festival after 34 years

  • BBC Radio 4 – news bulletins

No link available.

  • BBC News Scotland, 6th April 2016

BP ends 34-year sponsorship of Edinburgh International Festival

  • Edinburgh Evening News, Brian Ferguson – 6th April 2016

Protesters celebrate as BP ends Edinburgh Festival sponsorship

  • The Times, Jack Malvern – 7th April 2016

Curtain falls on Edinburgh festival’s deal with oil giant 

  • Herald Scotland, Brian Donnelly – 7th April 2016

Oil giant BP’s sponsorship of Edinburgh Festival ends after 34 years

  • The National, Andrew Learmonth – 7th April 2016

Edinburgh Festival’s sponsorship deal with BP comes to an end

  • RT, Editors – 6th April 2016

Burn! Oil giant BP dropped as Edinburgh Festival sponsor

  • Energy Voice, Niamh Burns – 6th April 2016

BP ends sponsorship of Edinburgh International Festival

  • Third Force News, Robert Armour – 6th April 2016

Pressure forces Edinburgh Festival to drop BP as sponsor

  • New Internationalist, Danny Chivers – 7th April 2016

Artful dodging: Five reasons not to buy BP’s story about the end of its sponsorship deals.

  • The Ecologist, Chris Garrard – 7th April 2016

Is it the end? BP’s arts sponsorship runs aground

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Artists, actors and campaigners call on new British Museum director to drop BP

Press Coverage

  • The Guardian – 3rd April 2016

Letter to Editor: British Museum must sever its links with BP

  • The Guardian, Mark Brown – 3rd April 2016

Mark Ruffalo among names calling for British Museum to drop BP sponsorship

  • The Telegraph, Sarah Knapton – 3d April 2016

Mark Rylance and Emma Thompson urge British Museum to drop BP as sponsor

  • Newsweek, Elisabeth Perlman – 4th April 2016

British Museum Urged to Drop Partnership With BP

  • Museums Association Museums Journal – 4th April 2016

Should museums take sponsorship from oil companies?

Included Twitter poll on this question. 21% yes, 79% no, 437 votes

  • Dazed, Sirin Kale

Vivienne Westwood criticises the British Museum

  • Huffington Post, Nick Visser – 4th April 2016

British Museum Urged To Sever Ties With BP

  • Artnet, Lorena Muñoz-Alonso – 4th April 2016

Vivienne Westwood and Bianca Jagger Urge British Museum to Drop BP Sponsorship

  • Artlyst, Editors – 4th April 2016

Activists Target British Museum’s Links With Oil Giant BP

  • Blouin Artinfo, Noelle Bodick – 4th April 2016

Emma Thompson, Mark Ruffalo Among Those Urging British Museum to Ditch BP, Panama Papers Reveal Rybolovlev’s Shady Dealings, and More

  • Energy Voice, Niamh Burns – 4th April 2016

Hollywood actors, politicians and artists call for British Museum to end BP links

  • The Times, Jack Malvern – 5th April 2016

Reject BP funds, British Museum urged

  • Financial Times, Michael Skapinker – 6th April 2016

Why the British Museum should accept BP’s money

  • Financial Times letters, Chris Garrard response to above

Cultural institutions don’t need BP’s loose change

  • BBC Radio London, Vaness Felt Breakfast Show

  • LBC Radio, Nick Ferrari

  • PR Daily, Kevin Allen – 7th April 2016

Activists urge British Museum to drop BP

  • Vice, Oscar Rickett – 10th April 2016

What’s It Going to Take for the British Art World to Stop Cosying Up to Big Oil?

  • The Sunday Times, Richard Brooks – 15th May 2016

Sainsbury trio attack BP aid for British Museum

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