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Explore media coverage, opinion pieces and blogs relating to our work on oil sponsorship of arts and culture. This page also includes coverage of activity by other groups where they directly reference or relate to our work.

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Anti-Oil Activists Block Entrance of National Portrait Gallery to Protest BP Sponsorship

Continuing the pressure on the National Portrait Gallery to drop BP as sponsor of their portrait award

Hyperallergic, Naomi Polanski; 11th June 2019

Musicians urge Sadiq Khan to drop permission for BP-branded opera broadcasts

Branding of free screenings in Trafalgar Square by the Royal Opera House gives BP a ‘social licence to operate’.

Story also covered in The Times.

Rhinegold Publishing, Lucy Thraves; 11th June 2019

Leading artists call on National Portrait Gallery to cut ties to BP

The NPG’s ‘BP Portrait Award’ comes under fire, including from one of the award’s judges

The Guardian, Matthew Taylor; 9th June 2019

The artists’ letter was also reported on by the BBC, Telegraph, the Art Newspaper, Artnet and Hyperallergic. Gary Hume was interviewed on The Today programme on June 10th and the issue was the focus of Thought for the Day’ on Radio 4 on June 11.

Opinion: BP’s Aberdeen Gallery Donation Can’t Hide Its Big Oil Investments

‘BP Galleries’ in Aberdeen – the details mainstream reporting forgot to mention

DeSmog, Chris Garrard (Culture Unstained); 29th May 2019

Austerity starves our culture

Privatisation, oil sponsorship and other austerity-damages. Discussing some alternatives

Red Pepper, Clara Paillard; 16th May 2019

Laura Flanders Show: Standing up to the Sacklers

Discussing the Sackler Trust cultural donations and ethical sponsorship (video). Longer audio version available here

The Laura Flanders Show; 6th May 2019

Turner Prize Drops Sponsor Whose Chairman Led Anti-Gay Campaign

Another example of cultural organizations taking a bold ethical stance when they choose to

The New York Times, Alex Marshall ; 3rd May 2019

In the Balance: The Giving Business

Culture Unstained weighs in on whether galleries take money from the likes of big oil (audio)

BBC World, In the Balance; 21st April 2019

Museums are urged to distance themselves from Sackler name

More high-profile artists call on more arts institutions to stop taking money from the Sackler Trust

Museum Association, Geraldine Kendall Adams; 17th April 2019

Are oil companies losing their social license?

Opposition to fossil fuel sponsorship is growing, in the UK and in Europe

New Internationalist, Danny Chivers; 16th April 2019

Business Daily: when big business sponsors the arts

Culture Unstained weighs in on whether galleries take money from the likes of big oil (audio)

BBC World, Business Daily; 9th April 2019

Social Power: Fossil Fuel Divestment

By taking their money, arts institutions give fossil fuel companies a ‘social licence to operate’

Social Power; 4th April 2019

Edinburgh science festival charity bans fossil fuel sponsorship

Shell and Total among fossil fuel companies banned from sponsoring the festival, Science Unstained

The Guardian, Severin Carrell; 3rd April 2019

Art institutions need to look carefully at the ethics of potential sponsors

Following the National Portrait Gallery’s rejection of Sackler Trust donation (video)

Sky News; 29th March 2019

Moral Maze: Moral Purity

An episode of the Moral Maze, discussing art funding from unethical sources (audio)

BBC Radio 4; 27th March 2019

Art-activists on the importance of fighting complicity in the art world

Art activism and donations from the Sackler Trust recently rejected by major institutions

Dazed, Chris Hayes; 25th March 2019

Fossil fuel companies have backed spread of climate change misinformation

Letter – National Portrait Gallery rejected Sackler donation, what about fossil fuel companies? (paywall)

FT, Chris Garrard (Culture Unstained); 24th March 2019

National Portrait Gallery drops £1m grant from Sackler family

First major art institution gives up Sackler donation, artist Nan Goldin, OxyContin

The Guardian, Nadeem Badshah; 19th March 2019

Iraq, BP and the British Museum – look upon these works and hang our heads in shame

Report on BP in Iraq, government influence, human rights, British Museum protest (blog post)

Platform, James Marriott; 14th March 2019

BP’s Basra operations praised by British ambassador prior to fatal civil unrest

Report on BP in Iraq, government influence, human rights

Desmog UK, Sophie Yeo; 21st February 2019

BP sponsorship of the British Museum needs to end

Interview on Sky News ahead of BP or Not BP’s action at the BP-sponsored British Museum (video)

Sky News; 16th February 2019


Navneskiftet handler bare om tynn PR. Equinor er fortsatt er et oljeselskap

Interview on Equinor sponsorship at Science Museum (Norwegian)

Aftenposten, Erlend Skarsaune; 7th February 2019

BP’s new ad campaign is lipstick on a pig (has anyone forgotten the Deepwater Horizon oil spill?)

BP in a greenwash ad campaign

Red, Green and Blue; 1st February 2019