Media Coverage – 2018

  • Arts Professional, Christy Romer – 25th October 2018

National Gallery ends corporate partnership with Shell

  • Hyperallergic, – 22nd October 2018

After Years of Protests, Shell Ends Corporate Partnership with National Gallery

  • a-n, Chris Sharratt – 22nd October 2018

Shell ends 12-year funding relationship with National Gallery

  • The Guardian, Adam Vaughan – 19th October 2018

Shell ends National Gallery sponsorship – to delight of campaigners

  • Novara Media – 17th October 2018

#NopeToArms (video)

  • The New York Times, Kathleen Massara – 9th October 2018
  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 4th October 2018

Science Museum Actively Pursuing Fossil Fuel Sponsors Despite Climate Criticisms, Emails Reveal

  • Dazed, Anna Cafolla – 28th September 2018

The Guerrilla Girls want to help museums respond to #MeToo

  • Deutschlandfunk Kultur (German national radio arts programme) – 24th September 2018

Dirty Cash: Eine Gegen Ausstellung

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 19th September 2018

Emails Reveal Museum’s Strategy to Counter Critics of Big Oil Sponsorship

  • Artnet, Javier Pes – 17th September 2018

The Artists Who Yanked Their Work From London’s Design Museum Over Arms Funding Are Staging a Show to Protest Tainted Arts Sponsorship

  • Nonprofit Quarterly, Ruth McCambridge – 6th September 2018

Rejecting the High-Dollar, Long-Term Donor? Who Does That?

  • Museums Association, Geraldine Kendall Adams- 5th September 2018

Partners drop out of Science and Industry Museum festival in protest of Shell deal

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 3rd September 2018

Museum Prioritises Shell Sponsorship as Partners Quit in Protest

  • Morning Star, Lamiat Sabin – 3rd September 2018

Manchester Science Festival called on to end its Shell sponsorship

  • The Guardian, Helen Pidd – 2nd September 2018

Manchester science festival partners withdraw over Shell sponsorship

  • Leisure Management, Tom Anstey – 13th July 2018

Scientists urge London’s Science Museum to end fossil fuel partnerships

  • Council of Australian Museum Directors, repost of Guardian piece – 12th July 2018

Science Museum oil sponsorship

  • EnviroNews Nigeria – 8th July 2018

Science Museum under scrutiny over ties to big oil

  • The Guardian, Adam Vaughan – 5th July 2018

Science Museum under pressure to shun big oil sponsorship

  • a-n, Jack Hutchinson – 5th July 2018

Leading climate scientists submit formal complaint to Science Museum over oil sponsorship

  • The Canary, Sam Woolfe – 21st May 2018

The cosy emails that expose our government’s dangerously close relationship with oil giant BP

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 20th May 2018

Emails Reveal Closeness of UK’s ‘Strategic Relationship’ with Oil Giant BP

  • Arts Professional, Christy Romer – 27th April 2018

Arts sector fears being too poor to refuse ‘unethical’ donations

  • Culture Unstained, Chris Garrard – 23rd April 2018

No room for neutrals

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 11th April 2018

How Shell Greenwashed its Image as Internal Documents Warned of Fossil Fuels’ Contribution to Climate Change

  • Desmog UK, Mat Hope – 14th March 2018

New database tracks how Big Oil targets small communities

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  • Artforum – 22nd January 2018

Activists Reveal E-mails Between British Museum and Russia

  • Hyperallergic, – 19th January 2018

New Dossier Shows British Museum Had a Role in Dealings Between BP and Russia

  • Russia Business Today – 16th January 2018

BP Accused of Circumventing Russian Sanctions

  • EcoWatch, Andy Rowell, Oil Change International – 15th January 2018

BP Accused of ‘Side-Stepping’ Russian Sanctions

  • Desmog UK, Chloe Farand – 14th January 2018

Trade Department Promotes BP’s Fossil Fuel Interests in Russia as UK Touts Climate Credentials, Docs Reveal

  • Envisionation, Editor – 14th January 2018

BP is now actively working with UK government to sidestep sanctions to frack in Russia