Free Alaa: take action

As the British Museum prepares to open its new “Hieroglyphs: unlocking Ancient Egypt” exhibition, the Museum must speak out on human rights in Egypt today.

Egypt, under President Sisi’s rule, is experiencing its worst human rights crisis in its modern history.

BP, the sponsor of this exhibition, is Egypt’s largest fossil gas producer with close ties to President Sisi. Egypt is also about to host the COP27 climate summit, which it hopes to use to increase its international legitimacy. 

Meanwhile, British-Egyptian writer Alaa Abd El-Fattah is one of tens of thousands of political prisoners in Egypt detained for exercising their right to freedom of expression. Alaa has been on hunger strike since the 2nd of April. 

We are calling on the Museum to lend its voice to the international call for the release of Alaa and all prisoners of conscience before COP27. As the Museum puts Egypt in the spotlight it has both a position of influence, and the responsibility to use it. 

Find out more and take action:

Header image of Alaa Abd el-Fattah, by Mohammed-al-Raai.