Submission to the British Museum Board of Trustees: BP sponsorship

On the 13th April 2022, the following formal submission was sent to the British Museum’s Board of Trustees. Compiled by Culture Unstained and signed by individuals from several different fields – including climate science, archaeology and museums practice – it was intended as a constructive contribution to the Board’s discussions on the Museum’s potential renewal of its partnership with BP.

The submission sets out:

  • how the potential harm of signing a new sponsorship agreement with BP demonstrably outweighs the benefits and would be inconsistent with the museum’s commitments on sustainability
  • how the reputational risks of doing so would apply across the short and longer term
  • how trustees would be fulfilling their legal duties by exercising informed and ethical judgement in the specific case of rejecting sponsorship from BP
  • how trustees have the capacity to reject sponsorship from BP because it would not conflict with their fiduciary responsibilities or harm the museum’s long-term financial sustainability

You can read the submission in full here.